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Have YOU been personally or professionally damaged by false and malicious information being posted on ? If so, we want to hear from YOU.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION owned by hooman karamian of arizona usa is one of the most damaging websites ever created. is potentially one of the most damaging websites ever created. Tens of thousands of people have posted slanderous, malicious and damaging comments which have ruined lives, relationships and careers. To have images and information removed is almost impossible UNLESS you have the right resources. has been created as a one stop legal resource to help you [1] have your images removed from their site. [2] Give you the resources to have your name and other private information removed. [3] Give you the information and resources to begin legal proceedings against [A] Hooman Karamian (a.k.a. Nik Lamas-Richie. [B] Dirty World Entertainment Recordings, LLC (dba [C] Help prepare to estimate damages and settlements and [D]Supply information on the seizure of assets in such case as legal proceeding are in the favor of the plaintiff (You).   -UNDER CONSTRUCTION-

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Pre Printed DMCA Form submitted directly to for removal of copywritten images

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October 16, 2014

Screenplay for "Dirty" in first revision, re-registered with WGC. Interest from several distributors already and the second draft of the screenplay isn't even completed yet. Checking legal resources regarding information recieved about the main villain 'Nik Karamian' Told by legal team we can use the name.

October 13, 2014

"DIRTY" Screenplay for upcoming feature film registered with WGC

The feature film titled "DIRTY" begins development with the first draft of the screenplay being registered with the WGC. (Script Registration # S14-03619)

Synopsis: *See About Page"

Coming November 2014:

Mobile app to search your name on Social Media websites for false pages, slanderous remarks etc. and full instructions/forms for their removal.

The business of slander entertainment sites and what you can do to protect yourself from the scum who use your information to ruin your reputation, carreer and security.

Site registered 12/10/2014

​The latest information on lawsuits against and it's parent company. Includes changes to law with regards to cyberbullying, Revenge porn and current cases before the courts.

*This site will also include daily blogs and information about the upcoming feature film "DIRTY". Follow Us

Legal Resources

​[List of Lawyers able to help sue and/or remove material.]  Lawsuits are planned in 51 US States plus 11 Canadian Provinces and territories.

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Individuals and, the companies that host sites that perpetuate slander will be targetted with the new laws. texting and/or transmitting intimate images will also be outlawed.

For more information: NEWS.NATIONALPOST.COM

New basis for lawsuit announced

class action suit gaining members

For the many thousands of unfortunate people who have ended up being slandered on Hamoon Karamian's website there is a new angle of attack. In earlier lawsuits it was argued that the 'publisher' of a website is immune from prosecution. has learned that all posts are downloaded to servers where they are edited by Hooman Karamian and his staff and then re-typed into the website pages. This may be something that has been overlooked in earlier trials. The advice of several legal representatives interested in acting on behalf of the pending class action is that Hooman Karamian is in fact liable in-so-much as he is not just a publisher but is actually editing and retyping the information and posting himself. The suit (Slated for 2015-2016) is seeking $135 Million in damages with another $3 Million to cover legal fees, advisors and network experts. the suit also will be seeking to enforce stricter editing values on to eliminate cyberbullying of any type and will also be attempting to seize personal assets of Hooman (aka Nik Richie) and his wife Shayne.

feature film "dirty" begins development

Screenplay registered with the wgc

When a 22 year old single mother of two children is brutally drugged and raped she wakes to find her world has changed. Her friends shun her and her life is turned upside down when she finds out images with a false and very damaging story have been posted on an amateur papparazzi website known as "Dirty". Legal attacks to have them removed prove fruitless until her close friend commits suicide and she teams up with a sympathetic lawyer and an ex-judge who's life was also ruined by the site. They begin to unravel the dirty world and criminal past of the sites owner and his involment in a terrorist plot subsidized by income from the highly popular website. When the website owners life begins to slowly fall apart, his assets are seized and the wife he's been abusing leaves him he tries to do away with the problem. 

The project, currently owned by White Lion Films Inc. of British Columbia is hoping to see production begin as early as Feb 2015. No word on who will be starring in "Dirty" yet.